Anil Srivatsa

Life Coach, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur in Bengaluru, India

Anil Srivatsa

Life Coach, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur in Bengaluru, India

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Anil's eclectic career spans a vast gamut of experiences - from being the Chief Executive Officer Punjab Kings the IPL Cricket franchise team, to being the Chief Operating Officer of Radio Today broadcasting, launching India's first FM network for women only. He is the Co-founder of and is now the President/CEO of, a spoken word audio platform for the Indian woman globally, in the forefront of global digital/radio opportunities. He has been the editor and publisher of Blossom City, Bangalore, and Executive Vice President at ImaginAsian TV in USA

His diverse roles in the arena of media and communications include being Director of worldwide Marketing and Public Relations for RTV UK, as well founding a new media company that used IPTV technology (now called OTT) to deliver niche television channels. Passionate about sports and effective communication, he has also been Director of Cricket and South Asian Programming at Kelly Broadcasting Systems (acquired by Echostar's Dish Network)

Dedicated to the cause of organ donation, Anil started the Gift of Life Adventure Foundation working to ensure no one dies waiting for an organ in the near future.

In 2014 he donated a kidney to his brother and has since then become a passionate exponent of organ donation, having driven across 58 countries by road, sharing his story with over 270,000+ people.

He is a world record holder at the World Transplant games where he won gold for Team India in 2019 and 2 Golds in the 2023 games held in Perth.

Anil's personal story is inspiring, one of defying the odds and bringing dignity and excellence to every role - Before his career took flight he worked odd jobs as a Domino's pizza delivery boy, waiter, restaurant manager, construction site worker, and roadside vendor.

Awarded the Radio Person of the year award in 2007, Limca Book of Records entry in 2003, Cable Ace Award nomination for the Docudrama now on Amazon Prime 'forensic Files' where he was head of production and for his radio show spanning 10 years.

A TEDx speaker, with over 1000 talks in the past 9 years, a professional Emcee with over 500 shows, a Radio personality since he was 7 with a long standing late night talk show since 2002 called Between the sheets (Voted top 10 'Love Gurus' of the world by IBN live (2009), An inspiring and entertaining speaker about taking control of your life and being an active participant in the achievement of goals. He is driven by love. An excellent Keynote Speaker

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