Anil Srivatsa

Life Coach, Small Business Owner, and Public Speaker in Bengaluru, India

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From being the Chief Executive Officer of Kings XI Punjab an IPL Cricket franchise team, an editor and publisher of Blossom City, Bangalore's first city magazine, the Chief Operating Officer of Radio Today broadcasting launching the first ever ALL WOMEN's FM radio network MEOW 104.8 FM, Executive Vice President at ImaginAsian TV, Director of worldwide Marketing and Public Relations for RTV UK, incubating a new media company that used IPTV technology to deliver niche television channels using the public internet, as Director of Cricket and South Asian Programming at Kelly Broadcasting Systems to the host of a record holding of the largest syndicated radio show in North America, his career is a mosaic of the eclectic and the creative. If The Radio Person of the year award in 2007 and the Limca Book of Records entry in 2003 and Cable Ace Award nomination for the Docudrama on TV 'Medical Detectives' with him as head of production and the Creative Voice Award in 2001 does not describe him, the twinkle in his eyes that reflects his joyful pursuits of being an Overlander, a columnist, an ardent social and political critic, a DJ, a model, a SOcial cause Traveler does! He runs the marathon as deftly as he shakes a leg with his friends, he is as much an astute business man as he is a player, he is as genuine as he is shrewd, Meet Anil.

Anil moved on to pursue his passion for the radio airwaves as a radio professional.. as a radiowalla. Till recently the CEO and Co-Founder of Radiowalla Network Pvt. Ltd, Anil strives to take radio to a new level using the very democratic Digital distribution medium to bring change in thoughts and attitudes among the ever evolving Indian women and the men who struggle to keep up with them. Radiowalla serves special interest content to special interest groups ushering an era of democratization availability of content otherwise the closed domain of a select few. Anil is a free mason, a Rotarian and a humanitarian. He like to be involved in the thought evolution process towards change in society beginning with the 'Change in 'ME' before the 'us' . A Criminologist by education, Anil was a special Police officer for 2 years. A motivational speaker on how to go GET what life offers rather than waiting to TAKE what it does. Voted into the top 10 'Love Gurus' of the world by IBN live ( ) for his work on-air with a hugely popular talk show 'Between the sheets'. He Co-Authored a book on 'Dating'.

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