Anil Vazirani

Early in his career, Anil Vazirani demonstrated strong abilities in insurance sales as a personal producer with Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and subsequently rose to the post of manager. Within five years, Anil Vazirani garnered recognition as one of five top-ranking leaders and opted to pursue an entrepreneurial path. Anil Vazirani then moved to Arizona, where he began to acquire a substantial pool of customers in need of financial retirement counsel. Possessing a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Business Management from the University of Bombay, certification as a Qualified Financial Advisor, and a Series 65 Securities License, Vazirani bears extensive expertise in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), 401(k)s, and investments. Realizing he could simultaneously represent clients and strengthen the practice of other sales professionals, Anil Vazirani eventually founded Secured Financial Solutions, LLC. A multifaceted firm dedicated to educating industry representatives and consumers. Vazirani’s firm, Secured Financial Solutions, offers DVDs, seminars, direct mail packages, and other useful resources. Dedicated to remaining involved in the industry and knowledgeable about its current climate, Vazirani’s business sustains valuable affiliations with groups comprising Covenant Reliance Producers, LLC, Brookstone Capital Management, Producers Equity Group Inc., and Financial Independence Group, Inc. Anil Vazirani's skills in the sales and finance world regularly attract attention, and he has received recognitions including Forbes Goldline Research Leading Wealth Manager of the Southwest United States and Top of the Table member within the Million Dollar Round Table.