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Animal Curves

The Concept that there is a "Learning Curve" for every breed of animall x element = Primal Astrology.

We are in a APP Centered World today, and Learning Curves for some of us are extraordinarily different than others.

Its the year 2014, yet most of society by and large is ignorant to basics in Compatibility. Mother: Son, Father : Son compatibility based on years. That is to say there is a very powerful influence based on your Chinese Animal sign how you will deal with (A) Your Partner, (B) Your family, (C) Friends. Hence it would be in your best interest to know - sort to say - if your a Cat giving birth to a Rat. There is going to be friction there and you would be wise to know exactly what kind.

The Animal Curve is basically a Learning Curve. It seeks to advise you with regards to your own Nature, say you are a Chinese Horse born in the elemental year of the Fire. It would not be in your best interest to 'hook up' with a Rat, because that would be your primordial enemy. And if you are born to a Rat, there are plain as day conflicts that are likely to arise.

This is an APP that categorizes individuals based on year of their birth and their likely Trinity. Those they naturally get along with. And those they naturally do not get along with.

We're in the Year 2014, yet despite this concept being Millenia in nature and held steadfast by multiple cultures, this is a concept that is not clearly understood.

Western Astrology utilizes the months only. This provides for extraordinarily inaccurate forecasts, as the Year is far more important than the month.

The Chinese have categorized the animals into 12. And based on the elements, each of theose animals, say a Fire Horse ( Hot Tempered), Water Horse (Not so Hot Tempered), Wood Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse - define how you get along with others. Think of a dog as having a different natural temper than other dogs. You can see that this is already starting to become rather complicated.

Fear not, there is some cleverness in our community. Primal Astrology has done a good job of taking those 12 Animals x 12 months and given distinct animals based on each.

This is a passive collaborative effort, in that individuals and their discovery give rise to the next level in helping people better their lives through better Diagnostic and Treatment techniques. This is all starting to get rather complicated, all these variations, all the harmo