Animal Hospital of Elmont

The facility delivers high-quality preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services for pets. Dr. Warren and his staff focus not only on providing excellent care to sick pets but also preventing health problems from arising. The facility offers an extensive range of services, including radiology, dentistry, electrocardiography, and surgery, among others. The knowledgeable veterinary staff also offers guidance regarding dietary and behavioral habits.

To provide these services, the Animal Hospital of Elmont maintains an up-to-date facility that includes an on-site pharmacy, surgical suites, monitored hospitalization area, and laboratory. The facility also has indoor kennels for boarding, as well as an outdoor walking area. Facilities for both therapeutic and routine pet bathing are on site.

Dr. Warren and his staff maintain close working relationships with other veterinary professionals in the area. The facility is equipped for a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures, so Dr. Warren can consult with others, including an internal medicine specialist, as necessary. This allows pets to have access to a number of advanced services, including specialized diagnostics, cardiology, ultrasounds, and endoscopic procedures.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of both pets and their owners, the facility's staff strives to be an important resource for client education. For more information about the available services and policies, please visit