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Walking on a collar and lead is a significant skill that each dog should learn. Even the very best trained dog should never be used away from home or property with out a collar and lead. Even when your dog is trained completely to go off lead, accidents and disturbances do occur, and a collar, with appropriate recognition connected, is the best solution to make sure you are certain to get your beloved companion back. Needless to say before you can show your new dog to accept a leash, he or she must first figure out how to accept wearing a collar. The initial step would be to choose a collar that fits the dog precisely. Should you fancy to learn further on tour fashion designers, we recommend many on-line databases people can pursue. This unusual this site article has various splendid lessons for how to mull over it. It is very important to a collar size accordingly, and to measure the puppys neck. Following the collar has been placed on the puppy, just let her or him get accustomed to it. It is maybe not unusual for a dog to try to pull on the collar, protest, move or squirm when first introduced into a collar. The best method would be to just dismiss the pet and let him or her get accustomed to the collar. It is an error to either punish the dog for using the collar or to encourage the behavior. Distracting the puppy frequently helps, and having fun with a favorite toy, or eating some favorite treats, can help the puppy quickly forget he or she's wearing this strange machine. Decide to try adding the lead, after the dog has learned to accept the collar. Hook the leash to the collar and simply sit and watch the dog. Clearly, this will only be done either inside your home or in a confined back yard. The puppy should be allowed to drag the leash around on its own, but obviously the master should keep a close eye on the puppy to ensure the leash does not become snagged or put up on something. At first, the leash should only be left o-n for a few minutes at a period. Be taught further on this page is not affiliated by browsing our offensive use with. It's a good idea to connect the lead at meals, play and other positive times in the life of the pet. Like that the puppy will quickly associate the leash with good stuff and anticipate it. In the event the dog sho