Paul Anderton

"Art has always been a part of who I am. It's tied closely with my Christian faith and like many before me, I express some of my thoughts, feelings and passions through my art".

I always keep my storybook close to hand, Inspiration is often found all around us and as any artist will confirm, the delight of art is in seeing something in your mind that then becomes present through the work of your hands.

I am also particularly inspired to create artwork centred around 'hands'. We use our hands to interact physically with the world around us, the sense of touch can sometimes become the sense of pain and in our day to day lives, we often first experience feelings like these through our hands. Even the hands of Christ were held in prayer but also nailed to a cross.

As part of my work within Animarte, I work closely with those around me. Helping others to express and explore things through art for themselves, both adults and children along with individuals with learning difficulties have been involved with my community art projects, sometimes running at faith based events such as the New Wine conferences in the UK.

I have been working on commissioned projects for the past nine years. My work has included bespoke artworks for schools, businesses and even nightclubs. Each project starts with a client consultation along with concept sketches that are refined many times before the actual project work begins.

Please contact me for booking enquiries or if you have any questions. I often add more work to my digital portfolios by using the sites below.