Chica The Chicken

Nurse and Artist in Deutschland

Chica The Chicken

Nurse and Artist in Deutschland

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Hi, I'm Milena K., a qualified nurse assistant from Germany. I'm a young adult, part-time Goth and Metalhead. I got a special interest in Reptiles, Arachnids and insects, which is why I keep 5 beloved exotics at home. Traveling is my passion besides horse-back riding. I'm an asexual biromantic and taken. I'm officially diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, Posttraumatic stress disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. If I go from a friendly person to denouncing you, it's nothing you did, don't take it too seriously.

I'm a spiritual & psychological Polykin with 6 kintypes. I'm species dysphoric. I'm non shifting. My main kintype and past life is an animatronic from the five nights at freddy's games, called 'Chica the Chicken'. If you got any questions about spiritual fictionkinity, feel free to ask.

My other 5 Kintypes are: Female Tyrannosaurus Rex (Jurassic Park Fictionkin), Anthropomorphic leopard (OC-Kin/Fictionkin), Greggory Lee (Night in the woods Fictionkin), Bendy (Bendy and the ink machine fictionkin) and domesticated show jumping horse (Therianthropic).

Interested in chatting? Hit me up! I don't bite (at daytime).


Do /not/ follow if:

• You don't know the basics about Otherkinity (ex. Knowing otherkin means identifying AS not with, knowing your Kintype is not a creature you meet during meditation and talk to(spirit guide), knowing otherkin is an umbrella term, not only used for Mythkin etc)

• You call your Kintypes by names and pronouns (I might accept your request, if you got an explanation for the names at least)

• You think Otherkin has restrictions besides identifying as non-human (aka. You can't identify as /../ because /../)

• You are against Fictionkin of any sort (ranging from spiritual fictionkin to people, identifying as their OC)

• You are not willing to learn or accept the fact you might be wrong.

• You think mental disorders are not a thing or you can't handle NPD (please research 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder' before interacting with me, it affects my daily life and even though I'm in therapy and on medication, stuff will always leak through and I'm not into arguments and misunderstandings because I randomly start acting rude, ignorant or aggressive)

• You separate the terms ID, Kin and Otherkin as if they are different things.

• You call your Kintypes /my wolf/, /my Cat/ etc.

• You are generally against the concept of Otherkin