Kaila Schuyler


First off my name is Kaila Joy Schuyler I am wolf clan, I'm not self absorbed but don't think you can push me around, I may be small in height but hey, how else am I supposed to get into places for free ;P. I love reading manga but i love to read other stuff like shakespear and poetry books. I see myself as a pretty active person I run, do yoga, swim, bicycle, at the moment I'm working on my archery, I also play the piano and learning to play bass guitar. My family and I travel alot during summer break also but we mainly travel my car but I think its better than flying because you get to see so many wonderful places along the way. So far we've been to Santa Fe New Mexico, my twin and I went to Sedona Arizona, the Grand canyon, and Florida. My dream job is to become a computer graphic arts technician and create video games. I also love listening to music mainly AC DC along with way to many others to name. Thats pretty much all that I can think of so yea (^0^).

  • Work
    • Baby Sitting
  • Education
    • Elemantry school and high school