Animesh Mishra

Artist, Socialist, Researcher, Philosopher, Guide, Creator, Individualist, Computer Scientist, White Hat Hacker, entrepreneur, a million more..For details read on..! Animesh Mishra Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer ShuffleClick Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CEO Profile Personal Profile: An entrepreneur with an affinity for disruptive technology and innovative out of box ideas as well as things with the 'never before' / impossible' tag. Animesh Mishra is a firm believer in the power of combining the passion for innovative technology with the efficiency of business. He is a global social entrepreneur, devoted to creating Web-based technologies that make a social impact. A practitioner of social entrepreneurship, Animesh is committed to marrying the World of Internet based cloud computing to every other possible industry and business. He is the co-founder and CEO of ShuffleClick Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which helps people give and innovate with the top-performing projects across the world, and which helps Fortune 500 companies manage their corporate social management systems on and over the cloud. ShuffleClick is a quintessential expression of a generation shaped by mobility, interactivity and constant connectivity. In other words, it's the kind of innovation that could only spring from a mind as youthful as Animesh's. "People often try to build things for themselves first," says Animesh, ShuffleClick's '20's something' co-founder and CEO. "I built this for my self first, then realized that ShuffleClick could actually help any company that wants to grow at an exponential rate by reaching almost a billion people, without spending millions! , And which company wouldn't want this?" Animesh has had a firm belief that he along with the team at ShuffleClick, will continue to help companies grow at exponential levels. He furthers affirms that one day ShuffleClick will change the way 'corporate systems' plan and execute the process of advertisement and marketing, by incorporating those disruptive cloud technology products and services which will help companies to reach their millions of potential customers without the conventional budget of millions of dollars that companies have been spending since the beginning. Career: The social-mapping service created when he was a sophomore at Amity University offers users a real-time virtual lifeline to nearby friends, their present whereabouts and