Anindya Chakrabarty

I am not the Class Monitor, nor the head boy of my school. Just some other guy who tries to compete with other fellow students in his class to get more marks (and believe it's kicking me very hard).

Well, Currently I (Anindya Chakrabarty) am in my 11th grade and if you would be in my school, Anees Senior Secondary School, you could have easily guessed that getting grades has become just more easy when you have to face competition from great scholars who score about 60 % in thier exams. No wait, i did not score that.

Many People don't know that i am a avid gamer also. Though i don't have any Hi-Fi Gaming consoles but i do enjoy playing games on my Computer Occasionally (Current Game : Grand Theft Auto: IV) and on my Playstation 2 (Current Game : Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2011). I do enjoy motion gaming on my iPhone Too!

I do my homework regularly. Somewhat.

But if i save time then i try to some more things. They include,

Youth Marketing

Strategic Planning and Ideation

Web Development

Application Development

Graphic Design

Online/Social Network Marketing

Business Planning and Financial Consultation

IT Consultancy

And much more................