gray /juliet /farren

hi, im farren!

@auroralvale [personal] | @nxciceptive [vent] | personal tumblr: sergeantgray / art tumblr: mmodernataraxia

i also run a caesar zeppeli twitter rp acc

☁☁☁☁ identity ☁☁☁☁

gray/juliet/farren | 17 | ♈ | they, she, him | grayromantic/asexual

☁☁☁☁ uncomfy stuff ☁☁☁☁

☆ drowning/depictions of being underwater as well as images of large bodies of water

★ IRL/realistic images of maggots/insects (fictional is fine when warned about it)

☆ foot trauma

★ heavy drug usage mentions of any kind (okay if warned)

☁☁☁☁ favorite characters ☁☁☁☁

☆ joseph joestar (jjba)

★ caesar zeppeli (jjba)

yeah ill update this later

☁☁☁☁ other ☁☁☁☁

★ cynthia-viola and nik are my qpps ❤

★ not white (south korean)

also jjba murdered me and ill tweet about it a lot