Anin Sudianto

My name is Tantri Saraswati Satwikanindita. My family and friends call me Anin :) Photography and Lomography is what I like about. Cat is I obsesse about! In spare time, I like to doing photoshop and edit to vintage or antique style. Fashion is something that sometimes I look up about. Go Green and Save Our Earth is I campaign all the time.

I'm an English student in Ma Chung University, Indonesia. I also a Rotaractor of Ma Chung University. I like to travelling, reading english novel and movies.
I love doing International project and meet ner friends, especially from around the world!
What I have been doing so far are,

* Nacel Open Door Exchange Student (2007-2008) to Minnesota and Nebraska, USA.

* Model ASEM (Asian-Europe Meeting) 2009 in Le Havre, French. In Economic Pillar. The theme about 'How green economi for development and developing countries?'

* A participant of ISFiT (International Student of Trondheim) 2011, Norway. The workshop I work is 'The Future'.

* Rotaractor of Ma Chung University 2010-present. I'm a coordinator for International Affairs.

* English Faculty Student Association 2010-2011 (Public Relation Division).

* Student Executive of Ma Chung University 2011-2012 (Humanistic).