Anirban Datta

Calcutta, India

Anirban Datta

Calcutta, India

Going the round-about way isn't my style . I like to keep things simple, so here I hit it...point-blank -

Not being modest or humble, I'm an ordinary man; a funlovin' person who believes in bringin' out the best in himself and in others.

So, if the moody blues are getting the better of you, and to snap out of them…you haven’t got a clue, Then feel free to pull over at my "Heart-Bloom California-Hotel", and you sure will feel your heart swell !!!

Or, if you have a heart to take a pounding from life in all it's glare, and having fallen down you force yourself to get up (even when you can't)..... to look at it in the eye again, with full dare....

Or, if you have faced this cruel (but STILL beautiful) world's ire , and held yourself together while dueling through 'trial-by- fire'.....

Then there's no better place in the universe to be in... other than in my ring, 'coz this is the residence of "strong young men ( & women) ", its called - "The Temple of the King".

You there....amigo- staring at the screen,wondering what all this has been.....

Buddy, let me tell ya..... if you have a "MIND OF STEEL", a "HEART OF GOLD" and a "PASSION" to walk life on the WILD SIDE, then .......


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    • St. James' School, Kolkata
    • Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology
    • Sikkim Manipal University