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Aniruddha Holidays

Aniruddha Holidays Pvt Ltd. was established in the year 2011 in Mumbai, India dealing primarily with domestic and International Tours. Since then, the company has expanded its service offerings to include travel consultations, domestic and international package tours including but not limited to pre-arranged tours, customized packages & Group packages with reservations.

We understand that every customer request is different and we work very closely with our clientele to deliver what we sign up for. We specialize in family package tours, honeymoon packages and group tours to various domestic as well as international destinations. We also operating to corporate clients.


To be the first choice of Indian customers and most respected Travel Company operating in 119 International sectors and 77 domestic destinations by 2025.


To spread the joy of childhood by creating an atmosphere of festivals & celebrations in every moment spent with us!


Respect for all

Passion for customer delight

Attitude towards Work :- ' Everyday is a Holiday '

Create a lasting impression

Believes in popularizing vacationing through client friendly packages providing impeccable services coupled with personal touch through its highly qualified, professional and spirited staff looking forward to company as well as personal growth by generating more and More profits by preserving until perfection. There by becoming market leaders in the recent future.

Fleet of Transport at excellent Rates for comfortable Land Travel

Experienced language speaking Guides to add colour to the unique monuments

Tremendous exposure in handling VIP delegations from all over the world

Impeccable & Punctual Services by our escorts

Services of language speaking interpreters to make you feel at home

Evening programmes or entertainment as per your choice and tastes

Excursions programmes to add more value to your tour

Arrangement of any extra service like banquet arrangement, creating a theme evening etc

Flexibility to make contingency plans if and when required by the client.

Extremely personalized care from airport to airport


Accommodation: You have the flexibility of staying in Hotels of your choice ranging from Deluxe, Luxury, First Class and Budget to Heritage and Boutique.

Transport: For all road journeys, you will have your own car/ mini van / coach with driver. This allows you to travel in comfort, stopping to see whatever interests you, or just to take a break. Travel at your own pace, with