Anirudh Kanisetti

Goa, India

My name is Anirudh, and I'm a student majoring in Electronics and Instumentation Engineering at BITS Pilani Goa. I currently serve as the Secretary-General of BITSMUN Goa, one of India's fastest growing international Model United Nations conferences.
I find the way history feeds into the way the world works absolutely fascinating, and that's what drew me to Model United Nations. As a history and art enthusiast, I've actively promoted historical agendas as part of a series of "unconventional" councils- from a simulation of the League of Nations, to a military-themed joint crisis cabinet set in the Second Punic War.
I firmly believe that a knowledge of the evolution of history, culture and religion helps promote a deeper understanding of the functioning of a number of institutions that determine how our world works, and thus help decisively transform it for the better.
I'm also an artist and love to travel in my free time.
Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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