Anirudh Kataria

Anirudh Singh Kataria is a Global Marketing Professional. With over years at McB Electro Controls, New Delhi's Electronics Production Company, He has established an impeccable reputation for closing deals and maintaining long standing relationships with his clients. He understands that every real marketing transaction has its own challenges and idiosyncrasies. Consequently, he approaches each one with precise attention to detail and critical insight into the unique personality of each of his clients. Anirudh Kataria’s successful career, as evidenced by his high level of repeat business, is a result of hard work, experience, and perseverance. His reputation for integrity is outstanding in the industry and his clients are fiercely loyal.

Asia is a challenging market and Anirudh Kataria knows how to navigate the hurdles that are intrinsic to every transaction. Whatever the obstacles, there is a high probability that Anirudh Kataria has faced the same or similar ones before. Whether negotiating with the new clients in the market or presenting a multimillion-dollar investment, Anirudh Kataria is adept at making the process as seamless as possible.

He represents buyers with sensitivity to their personalities, lifestyles and budget, matching them with the best possible product at a price they can afford. As a long time Singaporean Indian, his knowledge of the City neighbour hoods is invaluable in assisting his buyers in the purchasing process.

When representing sellers, Anirudh Kataria is unrivalled and will devise a marketing strategy that will successfully pinpoint the most qualified buyer at the best possible price.

Marketing Awards & Credentials

★Rated top 5% of Sales Nationwide
★Dewey Elliman Platinum Circle Award
★Fine Market Specialist
★Member of Sg Premium Pure Board Since 2012

✆ +65 9866-4582 (Singapore)
☏ +91 981-60828-44 (India)
☎ +91 86794-888-41 (India)


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