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Anırudh Thakur

My nɑme Is Anırudh Never try to Show ɑttıtude to Me bcuz Your ɑttıtude Lıes to my foot My Hoobıes are to make New frıends I always feel Like walkıng alone ın a dark cave wıth no’onelse My life My rules Knw one can Change me.
naмe: Anιrυdн Tнaĸυr
nιcĸnaмe: ( тнє вєѕт )
вιrтнday: 25 March
ѕeх: мale
occυpaтιon: нelpιng oтнerѕ
naтυre: lovιng
вeѕт qυalιтy: a нelpfυl
worѕт qυalιтy: alwayѕ wanт тo нelp every one
нaιr coloυr: вlacĸ
eye coloυr: вlacĸ
нeιgнт: 5'5"fт
glaѕѕeѕ: no
тaттooѕ: no
мy Fιrѕтѕ вeѕт Frιend: ĸarтιĸ , aтнarva , нrιѕнιĸeѕн
Fιrѕт love: Not yet
мy Favoυrιтeѕ мovιe: мany can'т coυnт
coloυr: вlacĸ,wнιтe,вlυe
cυrrenтly Feelιng:
cυтe : yeѕ
ѕнorт or тall: тall eaѕy goιng or
ѕerιoυѕ: вoтн
relaтιonѕнιp: single
cυяяєηт ¢ιту : gandιdнaм(gυjaraт)
нσмєтσωη :aυrangaвad