Anis Fariena

Student, Art Director, and Small Business Owner in Perak, Malaysia

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Hello, I’m Anis. I’m a student living in Perak, Malaysia. I am a fan of food..FOOD IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE .(i never forget to eat) I have MANY pet.. I have 12 cats at me,they are my sibling,i can sleep with them on the same bed,sharing my food (sharing same plate),and they appreciate me with a "CUTE" way( by bitting my toes) I’m also interested in DIY because the cost to make some useful thing was very CHEAP..I'm also love coffee,not because of the taste,i just drink coffee to keep me "alive" in the morning,,so before class,i will drink a cup of coffee, and to make my stomach happy,i dipped some sugar cracker into the coffee,and eat them just like that,,too much caffeine?? ahh,I dont care,as long i can SURVIVE during the class..

As a UPM student, i really hope that i can be independent, can manage my time well,and perform well for examination..Im also glad that i got many friends here that help me a lot.for example my roommate.she is an information centre for me..everyday( only on first week) i ask her everything about UPM, and the direction to my faculty.,so that i will not lost for my first class.For the first week here,,i feel VERY TIRED..but when thinking about my parent,,the tiredness just gone like that.Im hoping that i can be a good daughter for my parent,and make them proud of me.