anish projects

Anish Projects Developers (I) Private Limited has played a prominent part in developing Bangalore’s urban landscape for the past 30 years. We are a group of seasoned property developers familiar with all aspects of real estate development. We strive to ensure the delight of our clients and we approach every project with the same conviction, dedication and steadfastness. Our projects are diverse and are aimed at creating different residential experiences for our customers. From premium residential plots to integrated villas in prime locations, we at Anish believe in crafting homes and lifestyles rather than just structures and houses.

Our vast experience has enabled us to continuously push the envelope and deliver projects that are not just functional but are also visual and aesthetic landmarks. Environmental consciousness is at the heart of everything we do and we ensure that our work is in line with the highest eco-friendly standards.
The latest scientific techniques, implementation of advances in modern technology and our expertise in real estate make for a powerful combination which rarely fails to deliver.