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Anish Sabu

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact me on Skype: sabuanish Follow me on: & & & Listen to what ur heart the same time, respect elders and u may take thatz gud for u..experience counts and turns up better..but thinking helps moving further up! Anish Sabu..thats my name..friends call me Sabu..Augustine is my bapt u wud love me to..ur happiness is mine.. Myself..i've scribbled down whatever has gone through my mind and not yet complete teaches you many things..let them be the lessons towards term lifez much broader and complete than success..i mean, successz just a part of life....ok..Find satisfaction and be thankful to God for whatever we've met on the way..I'd measure my success by means of my ability to enjoy this life....only thing worrying me nowz the loneliness... I love to be loved..thatz something default within me..want to make my red meat portion in the chest cavity as sweet as a rose apple..will part to the one to enjoy its taste full with love..but not for any foolish croco reptiles! I'm special! Reserved for the Deserved! Cool.....Keep on working towards your goal..dont get carried away by negatives..itz just part and parcel in life..always dream of a life, where even when u stretch hard and smart, u may end up on the other side of ur plans and thoughts; but u know and believe in the Almighty!! dont you?? Actually, what does a prayer mean? A silent conversation with him..right? fine.. so if u do pray in the right spirit, u r shaping yourself to live a life with meaning... Helping others without expecting back would give you a feeling of unexplainable satisfaction, even though it may backfire at times..but plz dont hesitate or curse anyone..for..u reap ur results, depending on the kind of seeds and manure with the regularity of irrigation, you have entrusted on with dedication and sincerity.. Calm.....I can feel the softness of his presence in my heart and security of being myself in his palm... I love being straight and positive my whole life..if we are so, then for sure, the world around us would be pleasant, lovely, musical and joyful.. Ofcourse, at times, Frustration may pull you back; instead, I'll make it

  • Work
    • Voxtron ME
  • Education
    • St Berchmans Higher Secondary School
    • Sacred Heart English Medium High School
    • St. Berchman's College
    • St.Berchmans College