Ani Sosa

Who am I? That is never an easy question to answer, even for a person who considers herself a writer at core, but I will do my best!

I am an art lover, in all its forms. I especially love ART when it is telling a good story, whether it's through a painting, a piece of writing, a song, a movie, those amazing TV shows that keep me up at night, novels, blog posts, whatever it is, even commercials: if it's telling a good story, I am hooked and I am enjoying every minute of it. Even more so when I am so involved in the story that I can't help but feel intensely. But most of all I am never more happy with myself than when I am doing something that I feel passionately about. Usually, that is when I am writing.

For about 7 years, I wrote in my blog, anything: fiction, chronicles, non-fiction, thoughts that came to mind, music profiles, book reviews, a little bit of everything. Once I graduated with a BA in Communications, I decided to let the writer in me have two years of just that: WRITING. It was an absolute bliss! That's what I did while I pursued a Master of Arts in Creative Writing (KSU). For two years I wrote in many different forms: short stories, novels, biographies, screenplays, plays, blog-posts, journal entries. But I graduated and then it was time to enter the real world. So I now write for Social Media.

During the last few years I have been intensely navigating the Social Media Marketing Jungle that as you probably realized, changes every day. Just like writers have to tell good stories to captivate their readers, brands have to tell extraordinary stories to engage with people. I have learned a lot these past three years working in Social Media and I have to say that I've grown a lot professionally. I'm now Social Media Manager at Wikot Advertising Agency in Miami. I think it's safe to say that Wikot is my second home here in Miami.

What else can I tell you about myself?

Born and Raised in:VENEZUELA

Always wanted to live in:NEW YORK

Other cities I've lived in:CARACAS, DC, BOSTON, MIAMI (current)

Favorite song:It's a tie betweenFake Plastic Trees (Radiohead) and Crush (DMB)

Favorite Classic:The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath