Anissa McCloud

Consultant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Anissa McCloud, Founder & CEO of Living In Tranquility, LLC


My life is the national anthem for working women! I own my own lifestyle brand, Living In Tranquility. I am a wife, soccer mom, glam-mother, and surrogate mom to every kid in the neighborhood. I love a FULL life...and home that is full of friends & family, laughter & love!

Living In Tranquility was born out of my desire to pursue my passion in life. Call me crazy, but I love cleaning, organizing and bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to people's homes and lives.

Through Living In Tranquility, I have discovered a way to inspire people by teaching them how to balance their homes and lifestyles. I created this business with the primary goal of helping families in need through our charitable arm, Living In Tranquility Cares, whereby we give the gift of free house cleaning to families with children suffering from chronic diseases, traumatic injuries and disabilities. We also provide low-cost cleaning services to individuals in financial distress.

Since its inception, Living In Tranquility has continued to grow while still remaining focused on serving others in need and providing an outstanding customer service experience.

Living In Tranquility has moved forward to cover personal, small business and corporate accounts. I passionately participate at every level offering my professional experience, creative drive to over-deliver, and a can-do work ethic!

Today, Living In Tranquility continues to grow as one of the most respected businesses in the PA, VA and DC communities.

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