Anisul Oni

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The concept of design thinking has received
increasing attention during recent years – particularly
from managers around the world. The ample
attention given to design thinking has resulted in a
need to understand its core essence. However,
despite being the subject of a vast number of articles
and books, a search for definitions of design thinking
does not produce a concise portrayal or a clear-cut
breakdown of what the concept encompasses. In
addition to the vagueness of the concept, also the
effectiveness of the approach is unclear, as the
claims about the concept are not grounded on
empirical studies or evaluations. This paper discusses
the need for empirical research on design thinking,
the relationship between two differing discourses on
design thinking, as well as their focus and direction.
We conclude by proposing directions for research
that further explore design thinking as a management

  • Work
    • Ashok Studios
  • Education
    • MBA (Marketing)