Anisor Raheman

who m I wat can I say..At time being i'm naughty n sometime bit arrogant well qualities r just burden they can't define me all in all perfection is ma passion..N i usually like those peoples who show their attitude to me..

Coz it shows that they really need an attitude to impress me...n 2 b true enuf..even i hvnt been able 2 decipher myself yet..nor do i think that ne1 else has fully suceeded in it...but that help me provide a perfect description of maself & makes me luk like quite a complicated being..n may b i am..
but that makes it all d more interesting 4 people 2 know me!!N I luv only one thing n thats my angels smile its priceless..

I have been bequested by almighty with someone i love the most in my life and she is coming to my life as my wife what more i can expect from my lord above, its all i need in this lifetime. Yet human wants are unlimited yes he knows the desires of everyone's heart yet i wish from him just make me so deserving that i can fulfill all the dreams of my angel.

Yes yes i know its not easy with my profession but yet he is the king of kings all i want to make my angel happy to stay a happier life with her and inshallah in jannat also,My angel dont ever think my love will change it was urs it is urs and will remain urs 4ever. U are my desire my everything.Its something which is undefined.Pops, mom u and me will live forever happily inshallah. Just a single line 4 you sweetheart "My love my life was incomplete without u and you make it complete".All i want is your support trust and love throughout the life.

Your's loving-- Fakhar

A slave of God (Allah),A follower of messenger (S.A.W), A lovable son, A passionate lover, A caring and supportive Husband, A trusty son-in-law, A friendly brother-in-law An achiever of own desire, A helper of needy, A innovative Personality, An attitude to be discussed.

A charming friend specially of Huma & Zehra & Payal just keep smiling dear yes like this khi khi khi

These are all my never ending dreams inshallah i will succeed in it.