Anis Syahirah

Student in Kedah, Malaysia

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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone :)

I'm Anis, a student of Bachelor in Major Statistics. I was born in Selangor but currently staying in Kedah.

I start to appreciate every single things in my life when I continue my degree as I realised that people come and go. I'm just a good listener and adviser to my friends and maybe it make them to appreciate me as well. Sometimes, we didn't meet for a long time and suddenly they call and tell their problems. Besides, I'm the only daughter in my family and of course I will help my mum to do housework. It's a quality time actually guys. Go and help them, you will feel happy. One more thing, don't forget to appreciate ourselves.

Yes, we can have a life without education, but to get a better life, we need a better education. Think about peoples who are not afford to continue their education, they still can learn from their life to get a better life. Be grateful on what we have. If we think that the world is cruel, we are wrong. The world is not cruel but peoples in this world are brutally unfair. So, lets go for a better education and you can control the world.

Advise me when I'm wrong, not telling others. For my family and friends, thank you for always be with me through ups and downs.

Thank you.