Anita Hochstetler

My Motto....

She is clothed


& DIGNITY and laughs WITHOUT fear of the FUTURE. Romans 31:25

God has a bigger plan for us then just what we're facing today. Life is ALL about HIM! His plans are so far above ours, it's like His love is as vast and breathtaking as the wonderful huge Montana sky. And that's just a drop in the bucket. We moved from Big Sky country, Montana to the rolling farmland of Pennsylavania in 2012 to do doctoring for our daughter, Kierra. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Yoder Dystonia.

Being the mother of a child with special needs is not at all what I ever imagined. It is much more rewarding. And much more stressful then I dreamed. I love my Kierra more then I can tell you.

Then along came my daring, happy go lucky, lovable, joker of a little guy, Kobe. He's my hearts delight!

To top it all off, there's this wonderful guy that asked me to marry him...Yep! He chose ME!!!! He makes our life an adventure and keeps the color in my rainbows and helps me never give up on myself. He's my shoulder to cry on and the laughter that keeps me sane.

Then I have so many caring wonderful family members and friends.

to put it simply...i am BLESSED!