Anita Alofah


Hi, you know my name already.I am a great lover of God and of life and like every artist,I love to communicate with the rest of the world.Never mind that no one might be listening.No, actually I mind that no one might be listening.There is just this other life in me that desires and loves to scream the happenings of life unto pieces of pages and won't stop until... ever.I don't know.I just know and trust, though, that the experiences of one person,no matter how small or big they are, have the power to turn the lives of others around, for the better, and sometimes, unfortunately, for the worse.I just hope that my life, my thoughts and my experiences will be one of your greatest encounters. I love God and I love people and I try to improve the quality of my relationship with both.I am an avid reader of everything, though my heart is founded in Christian novels and the Bible.And now, I try, against all odds to do the one thing that my heart can't seem to get away from.Write.

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