Anita Ananthan

There is beauty in simplicity. Life may be complicated, each step a challenge, but who don't want to be a fighter, a winner all the way.

There is merit in winning, there is merit in losing. The more you challenge, the better the performance irrespective of the outcome.

The merit in losing is the happiness that you put forth your best performance and the satisfaction is you let go.

Every day is a new beginning, a new act, a hope to create and deliver something new to someone who deserves it and is looking forward for it.

Every day for me is a dream performance to give more than 200 % kyunki kya patha `Kal ho na ho!'

I am inspired by many stalwarts like every other person but am impressed by the `hard-work & tireless efforts of the Ants, the love & care of the birds who tirelessly migrate in search of new beginnings, the smile of a kid who is about to undergo chemotherapy without any care whether he will survive or not.

Club of Hope is my endeavor to give one glimmer of Hope to all those who believe, to create a society of people, where you dare to dream and have the courage to go & achieve.

My simple Message: Dream, Believe in your dream, have courage and never LET GO your HOPE.

Survival of the fit and worthy not only in the jungle but it is true for the concrete city and Yes Stay FIT, Eat Healthy and Fight all your Demons. You will achieve your goals with a smile :)