Anita Bora

ÜT: 12.951701,77.643706

Freelance writer & editor, and social media consultant. Dabble in creative arts. Love the outdoors and can be found exploring all the goodness nature has to offer on most weekends.

My other passion and interest is travel. Discovering new places, experiences, cultures and interacting with people. I also usually have a camera in hand, as I like documenting things visually.

I love good food and wholesome nutrition. Bringing in more color and variety in food is my mantra. My interests are diverse and have evolved through the years. I began blogging in 2001 - a way to document my life in words.

I have been cycling since 2008, ever since I went on a week-long multi-day trip exploring Goa and have been hooked ever since. The longest journey was around 800 kms over 8 days in 2009 and then the gruelling Manali-Leh tour in 2010. I had an injury in 2012, which put me in crutches and off track for nearly 2 years. I'm enjoying getting back to cycling, running and am learning how to swim now.

My weaknesses are wine, tea and cats - I find it difficult to make sane decisions around them.

I've worn many hats, including work for large corporates, strike it out on my own, start off an entrepreneurial venture in ceramics and freelance. I currently live in the Bay Area in California, and looking out for interesting work, assignments and fun things to do - thankfully there's no dearth of them.

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    • Freelance communications professional
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    • Journalism and Communications, Physics