Anita Ho

Taipei, Taiwan

I was born in Taipei and live there for most of my life.

In university, I had lived in Sweden for six months, taking Swedish classes.

I went on a -20 Celsius dog sled ride and saw the aurora borealis. I am glad that I came back alive from the Arctic Circle.

I hitchhiked once in Turkey. I rode for half a day and found that I could communicate with the people even though they did not speak English.

I'm interested in technology industry as I'm fascinated by the possibility of changing the world. I learned this industry from banking side after my graduation from college, and now I'm in HP as a financial analyst. I believe we all have a responsibility to contribute to society in our own ways, and I want to turn my interest in finance into a tool to have more positive impact on society.

  • Work
    • Hewlett-Packard
  • Education
    • National Taiwan University