Anita Alvarez Cufari

Writer, Hedonist, and branding in España

Freelance Creative Consultant / Writer / Trasncreator / Social Media Strategist / Creativity Trainer.

I am a consultant, writer, and Hedonist currently living in España. My interests range from Creative Direction to Creativity. I am also interested in Copywriting, Advertising, and Social Media.

I am an advertising creative. But I have not limited myself to create only advertising campaigns for agencies and clients around the world. I have created and developed strategic and innovative solutions that go way beyond a headline or an ad.

Creativity is simply the engine that fuels my career. From copy-writing to the management of creative teams. From developing communication plans to creating and implementing Social Media strategies.

With this same creative focus, I write every collaborative piece published in (luxury and lifestyle portal of the ABC publication), (travel portal of Atresmedia), and in many other publications that invite me to participate.

The so called "transcreations" are another venue for my creativity. Being intimately familiar with the advertising world and bilingual, I adapt international campaigns for Latino markets, taking into account relevant aspects of each culture and specific idiomatic nuances, to ensure the message is delivered effectively.

Every life and work experience I share in the classes I teach in colleges, universities and business schools, in the talks I give about creativity, storytelling and Social Media strategies, and in the in-Company learning programs I design, as well as in the creativity and art workshops I teach at schools.

You can click the button above to book a consultation. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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