Anita Margittai

I'm an experienced, proven project manager with over nine years of project management experience.

I have a solid track record for outstanding performance and ability to manage simultaneous projects to completion with superior results. Highly effective with all aspects of Project Management, with a strong ability to maintain crucial relationships and timeline negotiations with all stakeholders.


I was born in transit, literally. My parents were Hungarian refugees; they were in-route from Budapest to Yugoslavia, as the common knowledge at the time was that the borders, right after the revolution, were porous. If you were smart enough to get into what was then Yugoslavia, the ruling party of the time would send emigrating Hungarians to a refugee camp and then disperse them to other parts of the world where Hungarians were willing to make a new start away from communism. The camp my parents were led to was on a small island in the Adriatic Sea called Rab, where I made my entrance. With their new infant they embarked on a ship sailing to Brazil, where I spent the first decade of my life.

My father eventually opened his own shop in State College, Pa and I spent my formative years in this charming town in central Pa that is home to Penn State University. Even though State College is a small town, because of the university it offers many city-like amenities that make this a great, diverse environment to grow up in.

I left home early, as I was anxious to be an adult and spend several years moving around. I traveled with an oil exploration crew out of Houston and lived short-term in many states. I not only got to experience Texas, but also Louisiana, Illinois, Wyoming and Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma, I took the opportunity to get a college degree and worked as a secretary and accountant for several firms.

I've also lived in California and most recently in Colorado, one of my favorite states. In Colorado my love for the outdoors grew and I enjoyed hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, snowshoeing, and running. I've run a couple of marathons and dozens and dozens of races, but a back injury sidelined my running a few years ago, so now I mainly enjoy weight training and boot camp classes to stay strong. My goal is to keep up with my sons, so if they invite me to come along on an adventure, I’m always going to be game.

I have also traveled to Hungary numerous times and speak conversational Hungari

  • Work
    • Sprint Corporation
  • Education
    • East Central University