Anita Marke

Considering exercise more than a hobby, Anita Marke fits working out into her everyday routine. Finding it a terrific way to relieve stress and tension, Marke performs 45 minutes of cardiovascular activities and 45 minutes of strength training daily. She alters the exercises in order to target different muscles and keep things interesting. Among her cardio activities are biking, playing racquetball and tennis, swimming, and walking. When strength training, Anita Marke uses free weights and machines and performs 15 reps of 3 sets of arm curls, leg lifts, and squats.

In the future, Marke plans to expand her athletic repertoire. She expects to start running so that she can participate in 5Ks and marathons. Anita Marke also wants to learn to ski for the health benefits and so that she can better appreciate the views from the tops of the mountains. Although she is not a fan of playing most sports, she enjoys watching them on television and cheering for her favorite teams. Moreover, Marke maintains a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables.

Recently, she has continued her foray into culinary arts by going to school to become a professional baker. Prior to enrolling, Anita Marke experimented with cannolis before moving onto cakes. Although she has produced specialty cakes, such as chocolate mousse cake with graham cracker crust, she has received recognition for her wedding cakes, including one in the shape of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.