Nyta KA (Anita)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am currently a final year of Art/Commerce student at Deakin university. My passionate is driving me to achieve what I want to be. To be me and trust myself are the way to build a strong confident for my future career. After I have been attending university, being a part of Tax help Volunteer programs and being an Assistant Accounting Intern at Platinum Accounting firm, my dream career will be a Professional of Accountant or Auditor.

I have a "CAN DO" attitude with a sense of responsibilities and abilities in building a strong relationship with clients and meeting what the clients demand. I am also a self-motivated, being hungry to learn, ethical, well organised, an enthusiastic and personal team player committed ti further the success of team member. My personal attitudes can achieve the objectives that I have been set for myself and be a part of an asset of the firm.

Any an entry-level or assistant role in the Accounting is my starting point, where I am currently looking for currently in order to contribute my skills, knowledge, and experience in a company that will give me an opportunity to develop my career and expand my knowledge to progress as a professional in the future.

  • Education
    • Deakin University