The Itsy Bitsy Blogger

Hello there. For whatever strange reason, you have stumbled upon my little page where I'll be not so consistently posting a bit about my day, the things that have been bugging me, pressing topics I'd like to discuss, or maybe even a little creative writing piece that I felt like sharing. In complete honesty, this blog will be a mish mash of all sorts of things with no rhyme or reason. I might post one, two or maybe even six separate posts on the same day and then none for a week. Who knows? I guess you (as in no one) will just have to find out!

Although my about me page seems as if the most appropriate place as any to include my name, gender, sexuality/PGP, etc., I find that I don't quite feellike including it right now. Do you ever just not feel like doing something or it just doesn't seem right for no real reason? No? Just me? Okay then... Well, I am an aspiring hip hop dancer though I lack rhythm, a semi - decent cook but nothing to extraordinary, a left - handed artist who doodles a bit too much on just about anything including my own hands, arms, and clothing, and a TERRIBLE singer. Honestly, never ask me to sing unless you find joy in shattering eardrums in your free time.

Normally when I do one of these semi - long pieces of writing, I like to read over it like five thousand times checking for too many or not enough comas, uncapitalized "i's", or one of my many hilarious typos that end up taking away the whole impact of what message I'm trying to impose onto the readers (yet again, no one). However, like I said before, I'm just not feelingit.

So, if you're interested in learning more about me (which you aren't since NO ONE IS THERE, and I'm honestly writing to my inner self), then stick around and check out the crazy little ideas that float through my mind.