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Anja Baelemans

Life Coach, Consultant, and Project Manager in Noord-Brabant, Nederland

Do you have ever of those times that you would like to see a different or that you had done it differently? I know the feeling also and when I started my own business I didn't know what I Had to expect.

The realization came later that I had something that I could help others to grow on a personal level and to show that they are on a part-time basis from home also could build a nice business.

The most important, I believe that that can without significant investment and without any risk. What it has brought me is a life full of positivity and development, personal development I otherwise never had gone through. Fine business partners and a multinational that supports me in everything I do and gives me support to top myself.

My audience is actually anyone who is open to a new opportunity. But how beautiful is, for example, a 50 + still to be able to get out of that comfort zone and to help with a complement of for example pension. How nice is it to help that one woman, who has spend her entire life to care for her family, and build nothing for her own future.

Whether you go for a side income or a totally new income (unlimited) we offer many opportunities adapted to your situation, wishes, dreams and goals.

I do this in addition to my job as a nurse. Why? Because it gives me the most useful time I could wish for, because I also want to make my dreams and goals but mainly because it's so much fun to see others happy and make. To see people develop and because I find it so much fun to coach. It is wonderful to be able to share this opportunity, to help people regardless of age, background or origin.

Working together to build a future, regional, national and even worldwide you can work. I like to share this opportunity with you and give you an explanation in a personal conversation.

Via Skype is also a possibility because we work from home! I provide free coaching and guidance and provided various training sessions and trainingdays. Own time format and only if it fits in your schedule.

Change is but a mouse click away.

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