Anja Krause

I 'm born at 19.july1961 in Braunschweig , Northern Germany , as a daugher of a german Father ( retired Officer of City-Planning Town Office- studied for Architecture at the TU Braunschweig ) , and a Croatian Mother (was Wife+Mother , studied for Teacher at a Basic School , at the UNI Zagreb). I grew up from the beginning , with both languages ,and I learnt both perfect ,I was every year in Croatia (former Yugoslawia ,in this time- period) , I have a sister,3 years younger ,and a brother ,7 years younger. We had the best opportunities ,our parents wanted us to study , but my mother forced it to much, so that none of us studied , céstla vie. I was 17years old , when my Daughter Valea was born , and she - studied , European Economics ,in England at a University ,and 1 year in Madrid . I was married with her father ,but devided in 1986 , my daughter grew up the last years by him , it was her own choice. She is married ,she + her husband both work as Journalists , they bought a House in Germany ,and they have one son , born in nov.2009 , Emil - my grandson. I left my husband , with 25 years ,I married to young , I was married to a man ,who was extreme jalous ,couldn't drink alcohol ,he got blackouts ,was agressive ,lost control ,and beat me. I was free ,with 25 ,I'd a driving-license,was busy with learning sewing +design clothes f.Ateliers,and I met my 1st. great Love, my brother moved in by me+my daughter. We moved from Salzgitter to Braunschweig ,we're active with political stuff in the autonome Punk-Scene in Braunschweig ,and had a special status ,we were popular. I lived many years together with my brother,+ my daughter, I was 2and a half years happy with Andre,my biggest love ever. I had a few relationships ,but a lot changed,I moved- to other cities ,in Germany ,I always earned good money , nice flats + a car,but I wasn't satisfied ,searching for something else,all the time. I came spontanious to Amsterdam (I've been here twice,with 15years,without my parents'permission,and secretly ,I was impressed),and I felt alive.I went back - to my flat, and returned to Amsterdam ,a few times, and I was staying , finally. It was difficult ,to find a place for to sleep -or a room,for myself, I survived , and I lived not bad.Unless all difficulties , I knew ,that I belong here,I found my place . In 2009 I met Jeroen ,and fell in Love , definitely wrong ,he's rude,agressive ,drinks daily ,and - was beating me up ,too often .So it came ven to court,this case..