Anja M. Jeffries

I am a pathfinder that lives powerful guided by her inner compass and a backpack full of live experience and wisdom. This I say with all my heart. As a sharp minded thinker I creatively take a look at things from various and often unusual perspectives. This way I enable my clients to awaken their spirituality in all areas of life and to put their wisdom into action. I support you to reach your goals and support you through periods of rapid and drastic change to reach destinies you thought were impossible. Yes, my field of expertise is wide-ranging and varied. Mine as well, this is my talent, and this way I can lead you from Alpha to Omega without getting a bit tired. In order to enjoy a successful coaching period with me, all we need is your desire. Than you receive everything you need out of my inner wealth to unfold your own, bring yourself to blossom and harvest your own fruit in many ways. You learn to express your own wisdom and make it valuable for others. No matter how you want to show your success; in dollars, well-being, fulfillment or inner peace. See, the old and usual does not function properly anymore. You already know this. In order to lead at the front line you must step out of the system. If you do not want to get a bloody nose, get distracted or get lost in the weeds, contacting me is a MUST. As a bright systemic thinker I bring clarity in your mind jungle and show you ways of mental and material freedom, and find a place of power, strength, wealth and peace. If you are a business owner and you desire to bring more harmony into your organization and desire higher profit at the same time, I help you find new satisfying ways to achieve all that. If you need to change mental paradigms, I take you along with me to the Algarve in Portugal. In 3 – 4 days I give you the right kick-start to make your dreams come true. Guaranteed.