Anja Lee

Listening is a beginning process to engage and usually very hard to do well. There was a program I signed up for in graduate school, a side project of sorts and it was called co-counseling. One of the key methods of co-counseling is to listen and be quiet when your partner is talking. We're all so quick to give advice, remove ourselves from discomfort, or get to the action that we don't always take the time to allow for enough quality information to come into our brains.

Digestion is synthesis of the things we know, eat, experience. Fortunately we have control of what goes into our brains, stomachs, lives most of the time and "garbage in = garbage out" is the golden rule for this piece of the pie. You don't need to go to school to expose yourself to knowledge, inspiration, and audience but I never thought that it would hurt.

To Act is the goal and the beginnings of listening because only through action can you stir up enough new information to listen to which you will then digest and act on next.