Anjali Gupta

While an engineering degree in 2009 confirmed that nothing would come easy, landing up with a role of a Technical Expert at Adobe in 2010 made me realize that it's good to wait for the best.

Product of a convent school, I started off as a Website Content Manager which gave me a greater tilt towards my first love, writing. Things after that have been on and off the same road, but satisfying.

I was recently out with my debut, self-published novel(la) called "I was messed up". Browse through the blog page Soliloquy or the Book page for more insight.

I am currently writing a food blog for a website and not being a foodie myself, this comes as exploring a whole new dimension of the creative space.

I admire Black and White Photography and am looking forward to learn Time Lapse videography really soon.

I am an avid online reader, Forbes and HBR being my all-time favorite.

Conversations, with banter, without any social damage is something that I am always ready for.

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