Anjan Dhar

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


Welcome aboard to my page. I wish to share a glimpse of my life journey till date which has been full of variations and I am glad that it has been so. It makes me feel alive.

I currently recide in the heritage city of India, the Udaipur and work at ArcGate as its Assistant Project Lead.

My humble beginings started from Kanpur, UP, an historical place related to the freedom struggle of India from the British Empire. My ancestral roots are dug deep into the glamour city of Kolkata (Calcutta).

Uptill now my life journey has taken me quite a lot across my country (mostly in the northern regions of India).

I am glad that I could meet a varied panaroma of people in such a short span till date. The best part is that every time I meet someone new I am blasted with a new concept, a new ideology, a new prespective. It feels really very awesome to know a fresh point of view and it starts to act as a fuel for a mind. You can mark my words if I state that it has even helped me a lot in my work space.

So, this was a very brief as a person and my interests and I thank you very much for allowing me, some of your precious time.

Anjan Dhar

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