Anjan Ghosh

mumbai, india

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Hello friends,

I often relate myself to that small child who's eager to crawl out of the confined cell to be amazed by the ray of light peeping through the window, surprised by colours of the crayons that creates a rainbow on the art book, hugging that bulky labrador to convey my love, make noises to seek attention and at times weep over the missing teddy.

As they rightly say - "there's a child inside every human". And I believe in keeping that child alive and active within. An average indian bengali who works for a media organisation to feed his family for a decent livelyhood. My interests in life keeps switching and varying with the time and mood. I would suddenly indulge into old western music for sometime before I confine myself into a room for long hours trying sketches on the art book that ends after a few appreciations on facebook to shift my full attention towards macro photography with an expensive DSLR attached to am array of prime lens trying stop motion or time lapse or potraits. My hobbies, as some term it, never sticks to one to master it except for my crazy interest in gadgets. Latest smartphones, cameras, audio speakers, AV receivers, fancy accessories to console gaming device to high end cameras. I indulge my entire savings into these expensive toys even after repeated critisism from friends & family. Gadgets just seek my attention however hard I try to refrain from being attracted. It's more like an addiction.

Apart from the pride of owning such gadgets I love exploring the know-how of the technology behind the device as well as it's possible usage other than whats specified by the inventor or manufacturer. I love chatting with such like minded beings, sharing thoughts, ideas & experiences. I also enjoy helping people resolve day-to-day equipment or device related issues & hurdles. The climax of such help which usually ends with 'thanks' or 'it's working now' gives me immense pleasure and pride.

Few things that I believe & try to preach are 'love animals', 'help saving this planet' and 'be a good human'.

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