Anja Winzer

Project Manager in Berlin, Germany

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I have passions: communication, research, music and family.

PASSION1: MUSIKGARTEN - Music for kids (age: babies 3 - 18 months, toddlers 1,5 – 3 years)

Children love singing and dancing. „Musikgarten” is the place to enjoy it together, 1 child and 1 adult. It's so much fun and it is so easy. Your child will be playfully introduced to the world of music. Very soon singing will be part of your family life.

The course includes songs, Nursery rhymes, fingerplays and dances. The kids are already playing with instruments such as tone wood, bells and rattles. Be there when your kid starts singing its first songs. Therefore I follow the "Musikgarten" concept of Lorna Lutz Heyge.

Internationality: children and family members of all nationalities are welcome: singing German songs + dancing to international music.

PASSION2: Research. At the moment I am looking for to join a new research project. Currenty I was working at the research departement of the Berlin Fireservice / Beriner Feuerwehr in charge of scientific research, project management and dissemination for ENSURE.

  • Work
    • Berlin Fireservice
  • Education
    • classical music: guitar, ensemble, choir, theory of melody and rhythm
    • ifem academy
    • Dresden and Görlitz University