Anjeanette Carter

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

I should hire someone to write this page because outside-looking-in is sometimes a better perspective than the other way around, and I'm quite sure that most of the time I completely misunderstand myself. About me? I like pizza and brownies, I dislike spinach and squash - this, I think, is central to understanding what it is to be Anjeanette. I'm a Star Wars geek and my favorite band of all time is REM (although my current musique du jour is a group called Fishtank Ensemble). I have a great love affair with books. If you can't find me, follow the books and there I'll be.

In summary: My husband, our son and daughter and I live smack dab in the middle of Mormon country, Salt Lake City, Utah - home of very large families, the greatest snow on earth, and strange foods like green Jell-o and funeral potatoes. I can't believe I am raising children (that I swore I'd never have but then my friend had a baby and my biological clock went into hyperdrive) here because when I moved away I swore I'd never be back but... here I am, and here we all are. My husband likes to play guitar and is in the midst of figuring out what to do for a living. When not chasing the children I work from home as a medical transcriptionist. The kids do nothing aside from refuse to eat food or sleep for any reasonable amount of time. Life is good.