Bernard Angelo Bayot

Of all the goodness that God has pourd upon me I don't just say thank you... Instead pay it forward." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Reminiscence of things in the past can give happiness; memories can be considered as remembrance of the excitement of teenage life. Thoughts of the past help lighten and relieve one's worries. At this point of my life, my experience in the past is considered as my TREASURE. This serves as my reflection for the future, and perhaps could serves as basis or an inspiration and motivation to others. When there is no vision, I may perish; I exist because of my dreams. I have my ideas and aspiration; I desire for something; and because of that great desire, it stimulates me to find ways toward the attainment of my goals and it enables me to remain stronger and to grasp hope despite the odds. To dream is to Live..........! I'm just an ordinary individual who is an achiever in my own way. Allow me to impart with you my life stories, simple but meaningful.