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Anjo Body was started 2 years ago by Joseph H. Stoddard, a nationally certified, insured, and locally licensed professional massage therapist and yoga teacher with over 6 years of experience in the Las Vegas Valley. Joseph employs a modern version of Thai Yoga Massage as the focus of his practice and integrates it with various other styles including, but not limited to, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Stretching, and Reiki. This modern blend of ancient bodywork techniques has proven quite effective at relieving stress and reducing chronic discomfort while opening energetic pathways in the body.

Joseph’s business, Anjo Body, provides individualized care and treats clients like family. He genuinely listens to your needs and concerns and personalizes each session to suit your needs. If you’re currently suffering from acute or chronic aches and pains, a lack of mobility, or would like to improve athletic performance, open up your natural energetic pathways, and/or encourage positive boosts in mood, please visit me at Or you can also contact me at or 702.467.5206.