Anjum Sultana

Welcome to my blog. My name is Anjum Sultana, a student of MSc. Advancing neuro musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Nottingham University.

I am a qualified physiotherapist from India with 6 years of clinical experience and currently holding HCPC and MCSP registration in UK.

My special area of interest is musculoskeletal therapy.

My passion and desire for learning new evidence based trends and practices inspired me to pursue a master’s degree in physiotherapy.

“Knowledge is collection of facts, wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge."

It is my sincere effort through this blog to deliver a broader insight on the potential role of physical therapy in management of pain and other musculoskeletal conditions by putting forward the recent literature and research on evidence based management.

I would take this opportunity to thank my educational supervisor Mr Roger Kerry (Associate professor/director of postgraduate education) and Mrs Heather Reid (lecturer) at Nottingham University for their guidance and suggestions in creating this blog.

I enjoy cooking different regional cuisines for family and friends, travelling to new places, fabric painting and playing throw ball.

I strongly believe in being kind and considerate to every living being and it gives me immense pleasure in striving towards the wellbeing of individuals.

Thanks a lot for reading about me.

Please do leave your valuable comments, feedback, questions and suggestions to help me in making blog more interesting and informative.

Till then "keep moving and stay healthy"

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    • MSc advanced neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy