Ankars Cleaning Service Melbourne

We specialize in all types of commercial cleaning servicesSince 1981 we’ve gathered feedback from professional business owners in regards to their requirements for a clean office environment. Ankars provides office cleaners at an affordable cost compared to other commercial cleaning companies.

We pay attention to the detailsAnkars understands the importance of being professional. We make sure that our cleaners are thorough and precise when they clean your business. We use the right tools and techniques to get the job done right. We also allow our clients to give direct feedback to the cleaners and to our managers. If you have a request or a comment or concern, it is easy to communicate with us at any time.

Ankars Cleaning Service Melbourne


PO Box 741, 70 Errol St, North Melbourne 3051

Phone: 1300 720 973

Fax: 03 9876 5780