ankur gupta

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

It goes like the song by a dropkick murphys...

"the pictures tell the story this life had many shades,

i do wake up every morning and before i start each day

i take drag from last night ciggerate that smouldered in its tray

down a little something and then me on my way".

its like i used to be spiritual and then i beacme a studious middle class indian kid, then i became i poet, then i turned into a romantic, unfortunately then i tried to be an engineer and now i am lost, who knows maybe tommorow i'd be a physco but thats what being me is all about. i'm a beautiful arrangement of status quo between improovement and deterioration. The more i improove, the equal part of me is deteriorated to compensate the status quo. Still i'm a romatic, wanderer, poet who has always been in love with the pleasure of doing nothing.

  • Work
    • student mechanical engineering
  • Education
    • abes engineering college, ghaziabad