Anke Dörsam

Writer in Moabit, Deutschland

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Hello, I’m Anke. I’m a writer living in Moabit, Deutschland. I was born and grew up here. After finishing high school I lived in Ecuador, studied in Mainz, Jerusalem and Munich. Before I graduated, I moved back to Berlin, living in a tiny room close to Ostkreuz, finishing my second thesis (of a double major), and traveling back to Munich for my last exams. Because I had not a lot of money, I took slow trains (Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket). I switched trains four to five times, dedicating each to one subject to learn, for example: Berlin-Falkenberg Agamben's Letter to the Romans; Falkenberg-Dresden Verbs of Movement in St. John's Gospel; Dresden-Hof Old-Testament Sources in the Beatitudes; Hof-Regensburg (a beautiful countryside, on this section I usually listened to Silvio Rodriguez) studying to translate the Prologue of St. Joh'ns Gospel from greek to german; Regenburg-Munich repeating everything I learned, usually listening to the rain, because in the evening, rain is common close to the Alpes.